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This is an insanely long shot but I'm putting it out there...

Looking (desperately) for a ticket for MSG Night 2. If anyone has an extra, you'll make my LIFE by selling  it to me.

Cheers all :)
Kermit happie


I know, it's pathetic to brag to other adoring fans, but I'm seeing PJ tonight in Columbia for the second time in my life with Kings of Leon and I'm ecSTATIC!!! (The last time was in 2004 on the Vote for Change Tour with Death Cab {ugh...] and Gob Roberts [eeruugghhh...])

Thank you for letting me get all ridiculous/giddy for a moment.
That is all.

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Hi people.

Someone bailed on me so I have one extra lawn ticket for next Friday's Camden show (June 20). Selling it for face value, of course, and if you'd like me to overnight or fedex it or something we can work out something on postage. Otherwise I guess will-call is the thing to do.

If interested shoot me an email: hinx1218 [at] gmail [dot] com.
while we're young, Cliff


hey guys,
I bought tickets to the June 30th Mansfield show but I had to buy them seperatly because by the time I got online all the 2 or more were sold out. So needless to say they are wicked far away from each other.
Then I noticed that they added a second show so I checked if I could get 2 seats next to each other for that on and I did so I wanted to know if any one would like to buy 1 or 2 tickets to the June 30th Mansfield show they are very far away from each other & both in the uncovered section of the Tweeter Center.
I am not trying to get any more than I paid for them... they were $62 each plus all the crap ticketmaster makes you pay but I will sell them for the $62 you can buy one or both.

For more info please e-mail me jdetucci@gmail.com


New Pearl Jam Forums

I go to about 4 different Pearl Jam forums a day to check up on things, and I know this isn't going to stop other people from going to the other forums, and it might just even be "just another forum" to you guys, but I wanted to make one forum that combined the best parts of each of the forums I frequently visit.

No bots (pjcollectors.com), no banners/ads, no spam emails (pearljamamerica)

My forums are


(right now, that site isn't having any ads or banners or anything, but if it does then I won't use the .tk redirection thing anymore. http://lukinreprise.proboards47.com is the real link, guaranteed no banners)

Not saying this is better than all the other forums, because right now I'm the only member :( but if you could please sign up, and maybe get a friend or two there as well, I'm sure we can grow into a nice community :]


I was on the Ten Club website and I keep seeing the term "VIC" all over the place.  What does that stand for?  Did I miss something?  Did they do a show other than Lollapalooza?  wuh.......?  huh.......?
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